A home isn't just four walls and a roof, it is much more than that! It is a place where you learn and teach the virtues of life to your loved ones. It is where your influence extends from. So make sure you pick the best home for beginning the new chapter of life

Enter Emerald Square - a project by Svamitva Group that offers not just luxurious residences but the promise of a fulfilling lifestyle close to Bangalore's top destinations.

Project Highlights

Svamitva � Green features

  • 1. Connectivity to all basic amenities within 1km walking distance � Reduces negative impacts caused to the environment from automobile use

  • 2. Extensive Natural ventilation � Improves indoor air quality

  • 3. Natural light to every residence in the building and common areas - Ensures visual connectivity between the interior and the exterior environment.

  • 4. Sustainable landscape design using native species and high efficient irrigation system which reduces the water consumption.

  • 5. Roof Gardening/SRI to reduce heat ingress into the building, which in turn increases the occupants comfort.

  • 6. Design for differently abled people- Toilets designed for differently abled, Easy access to the entrance, Ramp and audio assistance in the lift for visually impaired people, Visual warning signage's in common areas & exterior areas

  • 7. Rainwater Harvesting to increase the ground water table.

  • 8. Waste water treatment through STP and reuse of treated waste water to reduce the potable water consumption.

  • 9. Procurement of materials available locally � Minimizes the environmental impacts resulting from transportation.

  • 10. Procurement of materials with high recycled content. Minimizes the environmental impacts associated with the use of virgin materials.

Emerald Square
Emerald Square
Emerald Square
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